Tips for Your Perfect Summer Barbecue

With the summer sun shining down and T-shirt-and-shorts weather in full effect, Oklahoma City homeowners are using their free time to put on some great backyard barbecues. But what can separate your outdoor shindig from the rest of the crowd and make it a legendary event in the annals of grilling? Here are a few suggestions to kick your noshing up a notch:

1. Toppings galore: Whether you’re going with burgers, sausages, or another grilling staple, make sure that the food doesn’t just seem like an obligatory gesture. Having a condiment bar—outside of just ketchup and mustard—can really bring some flavor to the party. Popular items include grilled onions, bacon bits, grilled jalapeños, pickled onions, a great barbecue sauce, and a variety of salsas.

2. Beautfiul buns: Sure, that inexpensive surplus pack of white bread is an easy option for your burgers, but how about bringing something a little more gourmet to the table? Pretzel rolls or brioche buns are all the rage at gourmet burger joints these days, and your guests will be sure to notice your culinary wiles.

3. Grilled pizzas: Who says the grill is just for slabs of meat? Grilled pizzas are a fun way to throw an array of garden veggies and your favorite meats into one dish while at the same time showing a little more grilling versatility than your guests might expect. And plenty of grocery stores these days are selling fresh, pre-made doughs.

4. Jazzed-up corn on the cob: Instead of just throwing some corn and butter on a plate at your Oklahoma City home, spice things up a bit by grilling your corn in the husk, and then adding toppings like chili powder, parmesan and infusion butters you make yourself, such as a minced basil-based one or a garlic butter.

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